Turkish Cousine

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Your education in Turkey will be colored with Turkish cuisine, as the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which is comprised of the tastes from Palaces of the Sultans. Turkish cuisine comprising of thousands of dishes and desserts is one of the three most sophisticated cuisines in the world. Parallel to the rich topography of Turkey, Turkish cuisine also carries the traces of a rich geography from the Balkans to the Middle East and from the Mediterranean to the Middle Asia. No matter which part of the world you are coming from, there are tastes in Turkish Cuisine which will enchant you…

Thanks to the regions in the country with different geographic and climate features, Turkish Cuisine embodies sub cuisines such as Southeastern Anatolia and the Middle East. Combination of local tastes creates excellent tastes appealing to the taste buds. Anchovy (Hamsi) has a great place among the tastes in Black Sea cuisine. It is possible to taste many dishes from rice made of anchovy to desserts in restaurants serving Black Sea dishes. Also, you can test excellent tastes including mainly corn bread in harmony with the climate conditions of the region. Along with seafood, olive oil dishes have an important place in the Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine. You will be impressed by the delicious meat dishes called kebab special to Southeastern Anatolia. Besides, desserts including mainly baklawa present irresistible tastes for you. In the Middle Anatolia, dishes made from pastry are at the forefront. It is easy to find restaurants in big cities which serve dishes from cuisines that we mentioned previously.


When it comes to breakfast in Turkey, Turkish bagel (Simit) is one of first food that comes to mind. Along with Turkish bagel, Turkish pie (Börek) and Turkish pastry (Poğaça) are also among the pastries frequently consumed. Also with rich cheese types, other meat products in the names of pastrami and Turkish sausage are promising very tasteful experiences. Turkish omelette with vegetables such as pepper as well as egg is also one of the breakfast tastes special to Turkey. You should also definitely try dairy products such as buttermilk and butter. Also, tea is a must in Turkish breakfast culture. You may also prefer Turkish Coffee after tea and say a superb hello to the day.

Dairy Products

Yoghurt is a dairy product with special importance in Turkish cuisine. Buttermilk drink made with yoghurt has also a significant place. Apart from that, Turkish Cuisine has also a rich cheese culture. White cheese, kashar cheese, herby cheese, tulum cheese are some of the thousands of cheese types.


You’ll have the chance to meet soups in Turkey that you have never seen before. Lentil soup, Turkish red lentil soup with mint, tarhana soup and yogurt soup are some of the soup types that have important place in Turkish cuisine. Other than these, you’ll also meet soups such as tripe soup, trotter soup, sheep’s head and foot soup made from sweetbread in Turkey most probably for the first time.


Bread can be called as the cornerstone of Turkish cuisine culture. Flatbread, corn bread, lavash, Turkish bagel and dough are the most commonly consumed bread types in Turkey.


Dishes made from pastry have also special place in Turkish cuisine. Baklawa and different Turkish pies, pitas, pancakes and lahmacun are promising tastes that will enchant you.

Meat Dishes

If you like eating meat, then we can say that Turkish is the correct address for you. Stew, lamb stew, boiled lamb, roasting, alinazik, sultan’s delight, grilled cutlet, tandouri as well as meat balls special to regions such as Tekirdağ, Bursa, Filibe, İnegol, Tire, Akçabat, steak tartar a la turca, stuffed vegetables, sausage, pastrami, grilled sheep's intestines and many more meats are waiting for you. Kebabs are also worth mentioning when it comes to meat dishes. We strongly recommend you try rich kebab types in the restaurants that you will come across every corner.


You really won’t believe in the dessert types that you will come across in Turkey. Do not worry. We won’t take much of your time listing all of the baklawa types; however, you should not leave Turkey without eating peanut baklawa. Shredded wheat types are also worth mentioning here. Do not forget to ask for cream over desserts with pastry and sorbet. Milk puddings are totally different experiences. Some of them are rice pudding, white pudding with blackened surface, chicken breast, milk and almond pudding. Noah's pudding and rose pudding are also offering exceptional tastes. There are dessert types in Turkish cuisine that you can eat in your every meal. Do not forget to ask brewed tea or Turkish coffee along with your dessert. We have almost forgotten halva, Turkish delight and ice cream types. But you should not forget to taste them. Especially Maraş Ice Cream special to Kahramanmaraş city located in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey can be found all around Turkey.

Alcoholic Beverages

Even though Turkey is a country heavily populated with Muslims, alcoholic beverage consumption is also widespread. Among the alcoholic beverages special to Turkey is Raki which is exactly a table drink and goes well with fish. Efes Pilsen, being in the first place, Bomonti and Marmara are among the beer types special to Turkey. Other than these, it is also very easy to find international beer brands. There is also a rich wine cellar in Turkey made from different grape types bred in different regions. Papazkarası, Oxeye Daisy (Öküzgözü) and Boğazkere are some of the special vine types in Turkey.

Soft Drink

Among the first soft drink in Turkey is brewed tea, which is widely consumed. Of course nothing can substitute for Turkish coffee. Along with turnip juice that can be consumed with Raki or Kebab, buttermilk that you can consume together with every meal also occupies an importance place in Turkish cuisine. Boza, sahlep and sorbet are also sugar sweetened beverages special to Turkey.