Life and Culture in Turkey

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Life in Turkey is on the interception point of past and future. You will experience interaction of east and west, old and new, traditional and modern while enjoying a modern life within intense historic fabric by yourself. Dynamic society structure of Turkey creates a setting in which entertainment, music, art, sport and many activities are tasted within cultural activities. Not only your education in Turkey contributes you outstanding knowledge accumulation or skills that you benefit in your professional life but you will also acquire nice memories and long-standing friendships, and you will want to visit Turkey in the rest of your life. May be you cannot break off Turkey, who knows?


The gravity of Islamic religion in demographic structure of Turkey is quite dominant. However, it is possible to witness the traces of various communions of Christianity living hand in hand on this land, Jewishness, Alawism, which is a different interpretation of Islam, and other different belief systems all over Turkey. The environments in which you can live with your own belief freely are available in almost every city. Especially in İstanbul, it is possible to meet the religious requirements of your beliefs, varying from Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism quite comfortably and easily. Moreover, that three pilgrimage places of Christianity (İstanbul, İzmir – Efes – Virgin Mary Church, Hatay) are located in Turkey makes Turkey one of the centers of Orthodoxy. Important architectural masterpieces such as Hagia Sophia which are of high importancein Cristianity belief occupy an important place in religious culture accumulation of Turkey. It is worth mentioning that Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the center of World Orthodoxy, is located in Balat district in Istanbul.

Food Culture

When considering the nutritional habits in especially metropolises, Turkey could be said to a country obeying in global standards in terms of its food culture. You can find the distinguished samples of all countries’ kitchens in metropolises. You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh milk and meat products in markets and neighbourhood markets and you can obtain food products of every culture from supermarket shelves.

It is possible to complete your education in Turkey without making concessions in your nutrition habits. On the other hand, we strongly recommend you not to stay away from Turkish Kitchen flavours taking part among three important kitchen of the world and bequeathed from sultans to nowadays. We are sure that there are unique flavours among thousands of options in Turkish Kitchen which can captivate you.

Moreover, ıt is northworthy that there are developed home food service systems. Thus, it is possible to order the food you would like to eat when you are at school, in dormitory or any other place. You can reach here for the most common food order sites.

Grilled meat products, called kebab, have particular importance in traditional food preferences in Turkey. We can assure you that you cannot believe your eyes about holidays. Different flavours such as Turkish coffee, Ayran, Turnip Juice, Boza will enrapture you in drink preferences. Raki comes into prominence as traditional Turkish drink among the alcoholic drinks. However, it is needless to mention a rich wine cellar in a Mediterranean country. Of course, types of beer will be always quite close to you.

We will mention the traces of different kitchen cultures in a country where different cultures coincide because of its geographical location. We will not touch on unique flavours leaking out of millenniums old history of Mediterranean kitchen, sea product that should be spoken separately and Black Sea’s unique kitchen based on anchovies as well as dough flavours of Central Anatolia, you will taste them by yourself when you come to Turkey.

No without Having Fun!

We are young, excited and dynamic and entertainment life in Turkey is one of the important tiles for us. Don’t worry; there are numberless of places and activities in world standards in Turkey. Traditionalized Coca Cola Rock’n Cock fest is an ideal preference for rock-lovers. If you say you love jazz music, then many international jazz festivals organized in many cities wait for you. Efes Pilsen Blues Fest is one of the traditional organizations and the festival wanders in almost all cities. Don’t worry; we won’t put years on you by mentioning each of international activities organized in other music or entertainment types separately. At this point, we have to touch on Turkey’s intercultural bridge position and its hosting every kind of music from east to west in this scale and the activities organized on these kinds of music.

Although you don’t show any enthusiasm come up with music or historical and updated activities and masterpieces regarding each branch of art, they will appear before you in your daily life. You can be an observer of every kind of artistic activity from traditional east arts to modern west arts or you can be an articipator in those arts.

We are sorry as we couldn’t touch on each of places such as large and small night clubs, theatres, cinemas and galleries separately and in detail… but we can give you the link of the most common ticket sales portal of Turkey:

Please follow the Activity section of our web site, learn where the entertaintment’s heart beats and benefit from our advantages special for our users.


Here we are at the section you wait for excitedly. One of the subjects that adventurer spirits coming to a foreign country for education get curious is, of course, where they can find these kinds of activities. First of all, we assure you that you will have opportunity to participate in bungee jumping and scuba diving and every kind of sport, art, entertainment activity that we can’t find enough place and time to mention them. There are social clubs or various activities like climbing, yachting, cinema, theatre and many activities that could come into your mind. If you have an extreme hobby, then it is possible to establish a social club within the body of your school. Moreover, there are swimming pools, gyms within the body of almost all schools that you can benefit unlimitedly.

Turkey is a country which hosts international sports competitions frequently. While speaking of sports, it is worthy to mention Intercontinental Eurasia Marathon, the only intercontinental marathon activity of the world, besides it is open to public it is welcomed like a festival. You will enjoy passing with ten thousands of people walking on Bosphorus Bridge.

We suggest you to follow up our Activity page of web site in order to keep up with and get detailed information about numerous social activities that we cannot detail here. Don’t forget that not only international students getting education in Turkey but also Turkish citizens follow up our page. We are assertive about not depriving you of activities!